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Week 24 – Celebrating Change with Laughter!

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Conclusion of the Master Key Experience course, beginning of a new course in self-direction, and I’m setting course toward my future self, the woman I want to be!  This has been an amazing experience, and like my classmates, I am so grateful for the support staff, for the gifts the course founders chose to give us … themselves, and for the many classmates, some whom I actually got to meet and hug.  What a loving, giving bunch of people I have come to know.  I’m one lucky girl!!

mkmma reunion MN

That’s Virginia, me, Wes and David meeting for the first time in Minnesota.  What fun it was to meet my new friends!!

There’s one more thing I would love to share with everyone, even those who haven’t been through the course yet … the gift of laughter, and the importance of using it!  Once our instructors shared that children laugh 400 times a day and adults only 15 or so, I was surprised.  I know how incredible I feel on those days when I laugh a lot, but I never realized how important, healthy, and well, just plain awesome it is to laugh.  I shared that amazing fact with some friends who had not attended the class, and we made it our mission over the weekend to “catch up”.  Here’s a view on the background research:  Psychology Today article.

And here’s just one of probably a million videos out there that can get you started:

So jump into your giggle closet and get your side-split prevention suit on.  Be happy.  Enjoy life and LAUGH!!  (And make sure you get on my email list so I can send you information for the next Master Key experience class.)

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  1. Good looking group of people. Most be their positive mental attitude.

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