My Master Key Experience

Week 15 – Love Equals Success!


equal_heart3-150x150Uggggghhhhh. How many times do we get into a project and it gets to the point where people involved are all pointing fingers, flaring with emotion, and in general, choosing to be angry, not true to their commitments or to themselves?

Well, this was one of those weeks for me. No progress was being made; deadlines were missed, expenses were rising and the project was basically out of money. The client was furious, angry and threatening! Huge challenges and opportunities faced me. How can I practice the Law of Love instead of falling back to old blueprints and common behaviors.

Well, this week, for me, that meant to get out of my head, and go to my heart for advice … to get out of the negative emotion and be the observer … to be true to my future self … to search inwardly for what it means to live by that greatest of all laws, the Law of Love. “It is love which imparts vitality to thought and thus enables it to germinate. The law of attraction, or the law of love, for they are one and the same, will bring to it the necessary material for its growth and maturity.” Haanel, (15-11).

I found myself exhausted this week, as well as sad, that a project I had any remote connection with, by choice, wasn’t going well. Knowledge does not apply itself, so what is it I know that I’m not applying to this situation? How about love? I think the fear of lawsuits, of failure, of lost relationships and lost dreams was pulling me down into a horrible abyss and I wanted out. Well, Haanel gives us a hint, “a thought containing principle is vital and therefore contains life and consequently takes root, and eventually but surely and certainly displaces the negative thoughts, which by their very nature can contain no vitality.” (15-26)

pondering womanSo I added the vitality of love to my thoughts on the situation and on my thoughts of the people. Yes, I want this to work. I know this can be a pathway to abundance for many people and I want this for them. I know they want it too. Yes, I have learned from the mistakes we made. I am sorry for not applying my knowledge to the situation earlier. Now is the moment for me to just love all concerned, love the situation, and try to contribute my talents and knowledge as best I can. If nothing else, I will learn to love in a new way, in a deeper way. I only wish love for all concerned. Hmmm, now there’s a new approach. Let’s see how this works, but I know there will be a better outcome, cause I truly LOVE these people.

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