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Week 19 – Underground Enthusiasm Rises Up


As part of our Ben Franklin makeover, this week I focused on enthusiasm.  I found some wonderful examples through the week, and on days when I thought I was low on examples, I got the opportunity to create some enthusiasm on my own (it may look silly, but it sure is fun to just stand up, throw my hands in the air and scream WOOHOO then dance around the room).

My page filled up with hundreds of dots today, each representing the excited children that filled the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts to watch the incredible ballet Underground performed by the Storling Dance Theater.

Here’s an old advertisement of this unbelievable performance:

It’s a beautiful, powerful rendition of the story of Black Americans.  And if you happen to be in Kansas City this weekend, make sure you check it out.

For me, this ballet and the opportunity to share it with kids all over the area was a special reminder that there is reason to be enthusiastic about wins in life, about our triumphs, about reaching our goals and seeing our dreams come to life.

I’m grateful that the MKMMA class is helping me not only see these possibilities, but to learn to manifest them.  I wish that for you too.  Have your own fabulous week filled with enthusiasm!  Hey, if ballet isn’t quite your thing, how about jump rope?




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  1. Jump rope was always my thing. You reminded me of a time back in high school when a group of us jump roped for 3 hours for the heart association ❤

    Great new blog ???

  2. Thank you. I am doing a little dance… looking pretty funny doing it but it feels great… I left you a message on Twitter. Would love to connect when you come up to Minnesota.

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