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Week 20 – Winds of Change


grass fire

When we forget our tie to the universe, to our planet, I believe Mother Nature rises up to get our attention!  During this week, record-breaking winds have swept across the US, and perhaps even further.  In Kansas City, we had extremely abnormal temperatures and 1000s of acres on fire.  It was very much like the news reports I had seen in California or Arizona, but this was in Kansas City, in the dead of winter, and the temperatures hit 79 degrees F with about 20% humidity and winds were gusting at 45 mph, staying steady at 20-25 most of the day.  It was almost as though the entire area had been picked up and tossed into a desert.

Meanwhile I see the Northeastern US is in for record-breaking cold, and the east coast is bracing for more debilitating snow.

In the movie “I AM,” Tom Shadyac shared Einstein’s quantum entanglement finding — that when two photons were split from their original home, even at great distances, they would react to each other simultaneously.  Turn one left, the other would turn left.  Stop it and turn it right, the other would change at the same time.  I may have simplified it too much, but that’s the concept I got from the film.

So if each of us is part of what Haanel calls the “Pranic Ether,” the Cosmic Energy, the Life Force, then when one piece of it moves, doesn’t it affect all the rest of Life?  What created this “disturbance in the Force” as they have called it in the Star Wars movies?  What is Mother Nature or even God trying to get our attention to see right now?

We each have to answer that for ourselves within our individual circumstances, but for me, I noticed some pretty amazing things happening this week.  Brand new events of historical significance to those involved happened this week – a new worship center opened, the city’s ballet season started up, I started a new business partnership, our Master Key Mastermind Alliance group broke new ground in LinkedIn, I spent more time on and was more complete on my assignments.

I also found myself acting completely outside my intention and responding to two situations this week in a way that was neither loving nor kind.  I did learn from them and I intend to never repeat them.

Overall, I found myself paying more attention to life around me, looking for examples of Franklin’s virtues, focusing on gratitude, and literally breathing in and absorbing intention, as Haanel describes it in 20-20.  My negative acts were performed when I let down my guard and slid into old habits of behavior.  So God, the universe, Mother Nature, for me, was reminding me that I make so much more progress and find more happiness when I stay in touch with becoming the person I WANT to be.

I found this quote helpful for me.  “So pay careful attention to when sparks fly, because some important thing in you, perhaps courage or forgiveness – needs some polish,” Harold Klemp, p. 143, A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.

So how was God, the universe or Mother Nature trying to get your attention?  What wonderful message of love and growth was there for you this week?



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  1. Mother Nature destroying our surroundings is the ultimate remind! Love it!

  2. Oh yes I can relate, felt my old blue print rise up , but I observed how old me would get agitated when kept waiting, I substituted new thought , went with the flow and did not hurt the relationship by flying off the handle, yes these feelings are foreign because my old peptides are starving not getting their fix and it seems since we are all connected to the earth, that we are all going through some upheaval including nature, I will continue to observe this week now I am on the look out for miracles, and thanks to you will check out the weather world wide, see if a miracle appears. Have a great one

  3. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been finding I’m getting a little bit quicker on correcting my “bad behaviour”… Harold has the BEST quotes, thanks for sharing that one!! Love hUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU 🙂
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  4. Sounds like the force is strong with you. You rock and keep rolling that big ball of success.

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