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Week 22 – Dream Big, Work Hard


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Our Master Key class material has been helping me with the notion of growing big — getting way outside my comfort zone, and concentrating my thoughts, plans, my life on allowing the Holy Spirit, or the Universal, to work through me and create something much bigger than myself; making giant dreams come true.

We’re also working with the important task of silence, being quiet, going within to hear this great wisdom, to open ourselves for its prompting, its guidance on our individual purpose and to discover the “map” to our greatest happiness.

What phenomenal gifts, all available through our mind and our hearts.  Yep, just that simple.  It is taking a lot to push me to that spot of greatness, but every day, with faith, I move forward, one step at a time, which is not too much to ask.

I believe that God (the Universal, insert whatever term you use here) reaches us not only in a deliberate awake silence, but in the dream state as well.  I find so much wealth in keeping a dream journal and reviewing it ever so often to find meaning in my experiences in those worlds that help me find my way here.

Instead of a deliberate interpretation though, I found this helpful.  “Dreams aren’t final … I can’t tell the times a dream appeared to point out failure to me, but I refused to accept the verdict.  A dream about failure usually means that using the same methods as in the past will continue to lead to failure,” Harold Klemp says in The Art of Spiritual Dreaming.  “But if a dreamer can break old habits and try something new to solve problems, it’s a new ball game.”

“There’s a lot of power in the human spirit,” he said.  “There is a power in people who dream big and who try hard.”

I haven’t been dreaming big, I must admit.  My comfort zone has limited me to days of, … well, limitations.  I am embarking with my mastermind partner, the Courageous KARE, on an inner retreat of silence and contemplation to renew that sense of BIG, and YES!  It will be some of the hardest work I have ever done, but I will have so many gifts to give when I return.  Wishing you sweet, BIG dreams!!

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  1. Thank you for the music!!
    and the text of course 😉

  2. Here’s to dreaming big, great blog Day
    Ron Masterkey (@RonMKMMA) recently posted…Master Key Week 22 – Everything vibrates!My Profile

  3. If you haven’t read or listened to the Magic of thinking big by David Schwartz you will understand it and love it. Talk to you soon!!!

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