My Master Key Experience

Week 6 – Time to Get Serious and Quit


Sure the work takes time, but oh, my, the work it takes to QUIT an old blueprint and become the me I have always wanted to become.  That’s the hard part.  So this week, even though I felt like I had been very successful riding my “white horse” of a new blueprint toward the finish line, things weren’t happening, I was getting down, and my “horse” stopped for a moment and hesitated.

horse refusalNo more job, no more money.  Now what?  Old blueprint – “Get scared, go get unemployment, run your resume around, take whatever job comes along, be afraid, be very afraid.”  Now, that’s a thought process worth quitting!

Just like that beautiful horse needs a little more training, a little more confidence boost, and a bigger dose of love, I was in need as well.

New blueprint training — Visualize and write my future, create a new dream board, find shapes, follow the discipline of Love, do the readings, work on the cards, read the poem aloud, DMP aloud 3 x daily, practice Give More-Get More, live my true purpose, follow a plan of action, fulfill my daily spiritual exercise commitment, always keep my promises, even to me.  Whew, exhaustive training, but every piece worth it.

So I did it, every day, with INTENSITY, with EMOTION, with BELIEF!

Then an unexpected advance check arrived!  Then I was invited for a non-posted position interview (for a part-time gig that meets my purpose).  Then 3 potential client meetings fell into place with genuine action plans pulled together.  Then 3 hesitant clients crossed the line and completed their agreement package, and two friends came up with business referral contacts … and … and … and … WOW!

Yep, Subby and I are gonna win this thing.  I choose to QUIT the old patterns.  My life’s too short not to make the most of it and be AMAZING!

white horse jumping

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  1. You have absolutely got this! I am loving catching up on your journey:-)

  2. Awesome! I love it when a plan comes together! Keep being awesome and keep the faith!

  3. Wow, it is working out great for you – that is awesome!

  4. Wow, can you say BREAKTHROUGH! I’m soooo happy for you!!! Way to go!

  5. Serious stuff there! Wow is right

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