My Master Key Experience

Week 8 – Little Wins, Grab Them, Hold Them, Love Them


So many challenges this week – get all the exercises done, mentally dismantle a battle ship, wipe out all electronic distractions, avoid opinions and go for 7 days stopping and substituting every negative thought with a positive one until you generate only positive thoughts.  But it IS challenge that makes you stronger, right?

7 days?  How about 7 minutes?  7 seconds, maybe?  So tough.  So here’s how it goes — spill something in the kitchen, DRAT.  Oops, negative thought, DRAT, another one.  Okay, okay, I forgive myself.  I love myself.  Move on.  You know, you’ve got this … and so I’ll celebrate, relax for a few minutes and watch some TV to let my mind chill – DRAT, negative choice, negative thought – DRAT, DRAT.  Oh, no, and now I’ve wasted those TV minutes instead of Doing It Now!  Oh, DRAT.

And then, why TV, why even radio — they certainly aren’t helping the cause.  Other than the radio channel that’s already playing Christmas music, the words of so many songs are negative, and television is full of negative thoughts or negative images.

So now I move on and hang my “dream board” on the front of the TV, I make music selections from websites where I can select the type of music that’s more uplifting — to use for my DMP, to use for my new future self.

2015-11-14 08.26.17I wore my $1 compass ring, found as a party favor at the local dollar store, to an interview.  It turned out to be a terrific conversation starter.  When asked about it’s significance, I told the staff about the new path I’m on, setting my own direction and using this marvelous metaphor for keeping myself on track.  I explained how I made a choice to come forward and seek this position because it fits my purpose, because it’s an outlet for me to GIVE of myself, an opportunity for me to help the organization move forward on its next steps, which match some of my own.  Observing myself, I saw the smile grow large and genuine.  Answers to questions came without much effort as though at some level I had already rehearsed them.  Inwardly, I saw myself already doing the work, felt the inner calm that this would all work out for my best, whichever way it goes.

They called me back for a second interview!  They loved my ENTHUSIASM (I could just hear Mark J’s accent in the background).

Every little win is a step closer to the goal.  I’m grabbing each one, holding them close to my heart, and learning how they show me love – from the universe and from me.  And I’m feeling the strength grow.


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  1. Love it! If you come to Hawaii and you have an extra party favor compass ring, I would wear one too! Great idea! I wear a $2 green heart bracelet with and elephant from the Rain Forest Cafe when I went with my son. I am a blue with a strong secondary yellow. Therefore, blue and yellow with love in my heart and the memory of an elephant of what is important will make the green needed;-)

  2. This is great! Yes, we should embrace every little success we have =)

  3. Go Day… Go Day…. Go Day!!! WooHoo! You brave girl you wearing your compass! How inspired was that??!! I know you’re going to get the call saying would you like to work with us and we want you to start NOW!

  4. Love it! I don’t know that I would have been brave enough to wear a party favor compass to an interview but you inspired me! Why SHOULD we hide the fact that we are working to improve ourselves and our live and break out of the cement? Love how you visualized yourself doing what you wanted and you are on your way to getting it. BEST OF LUCK!!!

  5. I can just hear Mark in the background as well, only it’s when I have one of those “off the diet” moments, when I have to restart my 7 day clock and I hear “fugitaboutit” and see an understanding smile from one who has gone before along this path. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful, I felt your emotion through the entire reading. Great post!!

  7. Terrific! Have you heard whether you secured the job?

  8. YES!!!! Celebrate the wins, and applaud yourself for noticing the missteps. We are all doing it, so hang in there. You are in good company! 😉 Congratulations!

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